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Mary Liao


Mary started her handbell soloist career with Dr. Ardis Freeman's CSU Long Beach University Handbell Choir in 1985.  She has been ringing handbell for over 38 years and specializes in solo/ensemble, and traveling 4-i-h &  6-in-hand techniques. 
Mary performed handbell solo : "The Swan" at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (The Music Center) in 1987, accompanied by Master Chorale Orchestra.   Mary invented her own perpendicular 6-in-hand technique based on math xyz axis angles and directions, and has been performing her famous solo "Sabre Dance" since 1987 using 6-in-hand techniques.   

Mary is a math major and performs at various locations in U.S., Canada, and Taiwan.   Mary also founded the Creative Handbell Musicians Foundation to promote handbell ringing in the Southern California area.