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Mary Liao


started her handbell soloist career with Dr. Ardis Freeman's CSU Long Beach University Handbell Choir in 1985, and has been a member of Pacific Bells since 1988.   She has been ringing handbell for 33 years and specializes in traveling 4-i-h &  6-in-hand techniques. 
Mary performed handbell solo : "The Swan" at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (The Music Center) in 1987, accompanied by Master Chorale Orchestra.   Mary invented her own perpendicular 6-in-hand technique based on math xyz axis angles and directions, and has been performing her famous solo "Sabre Dance" since 1987 using 6-in-hand techniques.   

Mary is a math major and performs at various locations in U.S., Canada, and Taiwan.   Mary also founded a Creative Handbell Foundation to promote handbell concerts and classes in Southern California area.